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Use the principle of walking the CNC wire cut machine
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Wire electrical discharge machining (Wire Electrical Discharging Machine), referred to as wire cutting machine (WEDM), occupies an important position in the mold industry, wire cutting has been the key technology barriers, resulting in Taiwan has been no independent capacity to produce, in Taiwan 90years before the conus the Lai Ruishi and imported from Japan. The support of the government technology projects in Taiwan, the Industrial Technology Research Institute in 1991 first in PC_BASED wire cutting of a few years after successful completion of the wire cutting controller and the key technologies of the discharge power. In 1999, the successful launch of the domestic wire cutting into the market and foster domestic manufacturers on their own production, the process of succession to the technology transferred to the domestic manufacturers to do independent research and development, Taiwan's wire cutting technology has been with the European and Japanese machines a school to compete. Production of the main manufacturers in Taiwan: fine was CHING HUNG, ACCUTEX; global annual market demand is 12,000 units, Taiwan manufacturers of the average annual total production of about 1000 to 1200 (2010 estimated capacity), accounting for the global production of 10% of the wire cutting the largest demand market in mainland China.

Cutting Machine is use with conductive copper electrode line as a tool electrode, the electrode and the workpiece (must be conductive materials) imposed between the two low-voltage arc caused by both the insulation within a specific time destroyed, and immediately subjected to high voltage power supply to produce the arc discharge column, use it with more than 5000 ℃ discharge heat to melt the material is processed. Need to impose the working fluid (typically water) to do the cooling and solidification of the Ministry of melting, slag, reply to the pole between the insulation and the role of the arc and discharge action is ongoing, with the copper electrode of the axial movement of the machine and continuously updated line, can produce a straight or curved path. Cutting Machine is a high-precision processing, indicators of concern in this industry: processing speed, surface roughness.
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