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Wire cutting history of the development
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Wire cutting in the world history of the development
Mid-20th century, the Soviet Raza FORESTRY couple of switch contact corrosion damage of spark discharge phenomena and why, and found the spark of instantaneous high temperature can make the local metal melting, oxidation, corrosion, thus creating and invented the electric spark machining method, the wire cut electric discharge machine in 1960, was invented in the Soviet Union. Projector to watch around the outline in front of manual feed countertops processing, in fact, that the processing speed is slow, but can be processed fine shape for easy processing of traditional mechanical , Represented by practical examples of organizations nozzle shaped hole machining. Was used in processing liquid with mineral oil (kerosene). Insulation and small distances between the processing speed of less than machinery, practicality is limited. To NC of deionized water (close to distilled water) in the processing machine first exhibited workhorses Exhibition in Paris in 1969 by the Swiss EDM machinery factory, improved processing speed to establish the safety of unmanned operation conditions . NC tapes made very cumbersome, if not large-scale automatic computer program design, a great burden to the user. Before the advent of inexpensive automatic programming unit (Automatic Programed Tools APT), the popularity of very slow. Japanese factory the development of automatic small computer program designed Wire EDM machine is cheap, Accelerating the adoption. Wire EDM machining shape to secondary yuan outline. Automatic program installation on a wide range of simple form the APT (APT language easier than formal models), the simple form of APT for the line to cut electric discharge machine development.
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