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Shanghai EsuntekExhibition--2015 Thailand (Bangkok) International Machine Tool and metal processing machinery exhibition
Time:2015-11-20 17:06:38            Browse number of times:33716timaes

      Shanghai Esuntek Exhibition 2015 Thailand (Bangkok) international machine tools and metal processing machinery exhibition, thanks to the support of small partners, in order to ideals and beliefs, we have never stopped, this year we will continue to the United States and Thailand, the United States,in the future will continue to move forward!

       Thailand Exhibition, See the exhibition of the customers said very satisfied with our Esuntek middle speed wire cutting out of sample, also issued a voice such a sigh: Wow, so beautiful! Esuntek in the production of middle speed wire cutting can reach wire cutting cut a repair effect, the thickness of the workpiece is still can be repaired with 200mm, Esuntek in WEDM using original nanosecond high speed chip, increase the use of nanosecond pulse width anti interference, also reaction rate increased dramatically!

       Look forward to working with you!

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